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Saturday, 19 April 2008

FaceBook App FlogBlog - useful for anyone with a blog

Update September 2008 note:
Flogblog is called "Simplaris Blogcast" these days, but it's the same bit of kit.

A quick chat about flogblog - a free app. on facebook that is worth adding if you would like your latest blog posts to appear on your facebook profile and provide fresh content for profile visitors.

I've been using it for a while now and other marketer's are beginning to add it which is a good sign - as it proves I'm not mad! (well not completely)

I've added this blog to my flog blog account via my feedburner url as google seem to refresh / update my lastest blogging pretty quick - I've also got this blog going through affiliates 4U (see link on left) so between there, mybloglog and my "flogblog" on facebook I've got a nice little promotional triangle going on that I'm happy with for now... I will continue to add my reviews on dropshipping and wholesale companies etc. on linkprimer, but seeing as I'll be adding a load of video's to youtube selling off stuff via

- I might be adding more stuff other than just the snazzy sales copy over here now aswell! we'll see....anyone wanna buy some old lampshades ? ,,,ha, ha, well - I gotta start somewhere - I want to make my videos fun - atleast fun enough for me to actually do the darn things - I'lm getting there

- been a year at gumtree and still nobody has jumped on the gumtree wagon - maybe they are cautious after things like dropshops didn't take off quite as much as many of us hoped - maybe us English just aren't as organized as the American's or Germans ?

Dropshops are like Argos meets the 'rag and bone man' there.

Recyleing seems to be grudgingly taking off - maybe an entrepreneur will get themselves a van removal franchise type thing going - pick up people unwanted junk like clearance houses do via a collection day like - the green tubs that collect newspapers - "eBay bob" - could pop around weekly or fortnightly give a set amount of cash per green tub (max 3 per household) - or do it on a commission basis in an affiliate structure - and sell what he can sell on eBay - give the "unsellable" to charity like the yanks do, or dispose of it via the dip/recyleing centre

each hold hold could have an affiliate ID - and household that provide items that sell well could get bonuses - to keep them providing good quality stuff - a sort of carboot sale from home via tub -if it was done of a commission basis - all the valuing of items and stuff could be done away with and an affiliate id just labeled on the item instead.

Man if, I had a van (and could drive) I'd do it myself!

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