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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Tips, Tricks and good networking habits

This is a post I will add to over time - it's a place to add little bits I do that sometimes forget about - little routine that save time, create a bit of order from the masses of contacts 'full steam' networkers deal with every day.


1. pending connections, click on their image first - then a separate window opens, you can then join their community and or / visit their website to see if it is something that interests you. If if it not relevant to you for the moment accept them as followers, you can always except them as friends later - this is a also a good way to avoid 'pron' spam.

2. Once you have accepted, I recommend contacting them with a message on mybloglog to say thanks, some people add a link to their blog or community - personally I'm fine with that, but bear in mind that some people might get offended if you contact them at all after you accept their contact request - it's a strange world, but if they offer to connect in the first place I personally take it as a message to add them as a connection on plaxo, facebook,MS live, twitter etc. and where ever else they network and find out more about what they do. It's easier to make these connections straight away rather than try to catch up later from my experience.

general stuff here please zara

1. Use Plaxo as a base for organizing contacts by tags/keywords. as this is a quick way to find a group of people that are united by a keyword or tag - example tag all ecademy contacts as "ecademy"

2. Remember to get your Plaxo URL by checking the "public view" as see view as as other members will see it - you will notice the views are different, members get alot more info - public get a basic snap shot will your stream at the bottom.

3. Your "professional summary" is the first thing people see in public view and your links to the left, where as "other plaxo members" see a list of tabs to the left and your pulse stream in the main window - your pulse stream is a bit like your facebook wall - I have some facebook updates synchronized will plaxo, you can also synchronize your facebook friends and windows into plaxo and connect will them - that alone is worth the time - as it makes plaxo a friend search engine independent of windows and facebook.

4. Plaxo isn't a multi mailer - so it doesn't encourage spam, in my opinion it encourages people to take an interest in who they are actually connected with, it gives each contact a little yahoo map - so you can see where people are located, say you have a bunch of marketers in Las Vegas for example, you make sure you tag them "las vegas marketing" - then you just navigate to that tag and you have a collection of targetted people that should know something about marketing and they are all based in las vegas, which means they have a local connection - you could arrange a meet up somewhere they are all familiar with, put it on an event map.

Other people tips and tricks:
Share a tip or trick in a comment! - you are free to add ONE text link to a blog or favorite social network you use!.

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