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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Products and Services I am looking for

Here is a list of things I am currently on the hunt for - that may consist of gadgets, widgets, on-line tools,ecommerce, affiliate programs etc.

Note I'm not always looking to buy, but I'll join anything suitable using your affiliate link (if it applies)

1. I'm looking for some ebook/digital products that commission is paid direct to PayPal, I like click bank but US cheques /transfers all take time and I really need more instant payment funds I can use to put straight back into advertising.

2. I'm looking for a tool that will post my tweets to my blog(s) automatically at the moment I have feedburner "splicing" my blogs with diggs or delicious, which is cool,but seeing as I'm finding twitter more useful for spreading stuff I'm reading, doing of late, it would be cool to have a gadget that posts my tweets to blogger, I have a wordpress site and there are some tools for that, but i'd prefer to keep my blogger blogs updated using a hellotxt type service.


Gary said...

I got a few at my site that pay instantly to paypal.

797Instant Pay Sites That Pay To PayPal Today!

Lemonvision said...

Cheers Gary I'll check those out.