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Monday, 13 October 2008

About lemonknickers, healthylemons aka Zara Lockwood

Hi thanks for adding me!

Currently looking for a Team of Super Affiliates to help me promote: SUPERMAN HERBS!

Old Profile:

Just thought I'd create a quick introduction post for folks that have found me either via a social networking site, like Facebook/Myspace, a web page, a blog or Twitter maybe :-)

I have a number of aliases I use on-line which goes back to the days of forums - the lemon one is still my favorite as she is honest, funny and a bit rude :P - I have a number of imitators using "the lemon" - but generally I think I've got the 'healthy lemon' as my own fruity forum sig !

Zara Lockwood, is the lemonmaster behind the creation which was born in a gumtree forum in 2007 - I was living in a homeless shelter at the time - and I was trying to think of something healthy and refreshing to use as a login name - and a lemon was the first thing that popped in my brain - I sometimes pretend it's connected to the lemon law in California as that sounds cooler!

...anyway moving on... x_X

I have a number of Blogs,Websites & Newsletter Clubs that I use to promote my favourite 3rd party products, services and marketers - either via affiliate programs, book marking or other free or low cost traffic methods - I also try to share any useful tips or advice for using these services.

I love niches, trends, ebooks & happily 'flag wave' my favourite marketers and companies who treat their customers (and affiliates) nicely, and over the last 7 years I have, and still do bump into the good, the bad and the ugly. - I mainly focus on the good rather than give free publicity to the bad ones !

You can find me on these networks:

I'm in the process of searching for a suitable paid private membership gadget I can upload to my server - but in the meantime you can always find me on twitter

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