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Saturday, 26 April 2008

How to Really Get Top Ten Rankings In Google

Google Top Ten Rankings:
How to Really Get Top Ten Rankings In Google In 37 Minutes, Really, For Real!

Why Everyone Is Choosing The Keywords For Their Articles, Blogs Web 2.0 Sites, and Videos In The Wrong Way And The Only Way That Makes Sense.

Eleven easy steps to those top ten Google rankings By Marlon Sanders


I'm not a big seo person. But, I'm working on a new product, so I have to get my ducksin a row. I have a shocking SEO secret to share here I betyou haven't heard before. I'm gonna break this down for you really easy. The first thing people do in search engine optimization, thatis creating pages to get ranked in the search engines is tofind key words to target with their pages. This is the link to the easiest free tool I've found:

So you type in your topic and hit submit. What most peoplethen do is look for keywords that have a smaller number ofdaily searches. So, for example, if you type in the keyword "dog training" you might select "dog training collars"instead of dog training. The wrong way to do it is to choose keywords by a low numberof daily or monthly searches, assuming that means lowcompetition.

Let me show you this: You can have a word in Google that LOOKS like it has two MILLION pages to compete against. Yet, in reality, there are almost none.

Type this in Google: sales letters cold calls

When you type it without quotes, I use the pay per clickter minology and call it the "broad phrase." If you look at the number of search results Google returns, it's in the range of 1,790,000. The ebooks you read will tell you to choose keywords with under 1,000,000 results. But that is WRONG. Check it out.

Type this in: "Sales Letters Cold Calls" In other words, do it in quotation marks. That searches ONLYsites with the exact phrase. Now look at the results: SEVEN! There are ONLY 7 basic sites to compete against. Let me prove this works. Look at this: sales letter cold calls That's singular instead of plural "letter". 239,000 results.

Now type it in in quotes -- "sales letter cold calls".I call that the exact phrase. There are FOUR results! And the first two are mine. I amlisted in page two. And I only submitted the page onApr 25, 2008 03:30:17 GMT Here's another: greatest direct mail sales letters 368,000 results. The exact phrase in quotes? Only 1,760.

And look at numberfour: That would be MY page. And I only submitted it on Apr 25, 2008 03:30:41 GMT. Literally a few of these rankings I got in 30 minutes to onehour! See, when you're really only competing against 4 sitesor 2,000 sites, it's NOT so hard! NOTICE: Since I've publicly posted these results, I'm sure they'll get zapped.

That almost always happens when you make something like thispublic. The sites you post publicly are sacrificial lambs to demonstrateyour point. Here is how to get YOUR top ten rankings TODAY! Like in onehour from now if you're lucky.

Step one: Go to: I usually just go to and type my term in the box at the right.You can also use or ANY other keyword tool.

Step two: Search your topic

Step three: Start selecting keyword phrases and type them into Google with the exact phrase in quotes.

Step four: Find a phrase that has only a few search results. Preferably under 10. But under 2,000 is good. Let's say you bought the private label rights to an ebook on dog training.You type in: training dog choke collars. You see 1,850,000 results. YUK. But in quotes "training dog choke collars" you find only THREE stupidcompetitors! This is taking top ten Google rankings like taking candy from a baby!

Step five: Build several web 2.0 sites on the exact phrase as the title. Post an article to the site with the phrase in the titleand in in the article once in bold. For example, a squidoo lens on "training dog choke collars"would be Blogger would be: Write quality content that is unique and original if possible. Try these properties:

Step six: Digg your new site at

Step seven: Submit a story on it to a few paragraphs with your URL.) If it's a blog, you can submit the URL or

Step eight: Put the URL in a Twitter.(Sign up at This one I'm not sure works. I'veread it does.

Step nine: After one hour, paste the URL of the site intoGoogle and search for it. For example, if this was your blog,you'd paste the whole URL into Google search: Now, as you can SEE, it ain't in there. I don't know why!I'm still learning nuances. I've only been at this fourdays!

Step ten: Add new posts to your site, new articles,videos or content daily.

Step eleven: Every time you add new content, posts, videos or articles to your site, bookmark it with a couple of the bookmarking services like simpy, or furl. You "might" use for this. I'm not sure on that one.

On most ALL the sites, there's a way to "insert video"and you simply put in your youtube URL and BOOM! You have avideo on the site. At the end of the day, you need content humans WANT to read. You create sites for humans, NOT GOOGLE!

At the end of theday, you gotta have sites people want to read and that helpand benefit them. Otherwise, your site won't be evergreen. Oh, updating your site frequently is how you keep the Googlebot coming there and how you stay IN the rankings withoutsliding down. Now, if you're lucky, Google will spider and list the site inunder an hour. I got mine in there in 37 minutes.

Thus, the title of this article. On the other hand, I have some Squidoo pages, a Blogger blog and a Wordpress blog that I can't even get Google to spider yet. I'm trying to figure THAT one out! If any of you are seo gurus and can tell me WHY these sites get NO Google love, post on my blog: doesn't show up in Google at all.

OK. So you have to create sites in multiple web 2.0 properties. Some will stick. Some won't. What Melvin Perry, an seo guru I like told me is with different niches, different things workbetter. In some niches a Blogger blog or Wordpress blog does great.In some, it's Squidoo. It depends on the niche.

If you do more than one of these sites a week, go Download the Safari browser and do ALL your work in it vs.Firefox or IE. Why? If you select "Edit, private browsing" itturns off cookies and history. If you're checking your sites all the time, I have a feeling(but no proof) Google then thinks you're an seo king and they penalize you.

But don't quote me on that. I think that is why several of my sites above aren't spidered.I searched them too many times using Firefox and Google figuredI must be up to no good! So, I'm NOT saying it's all gonna work 100% of the time. Atleast, not until I figure some more things out.

Back to work. Marlon For free podcasts, free videos, free articles, go to: You can hit me with your comments and feedback on this issue.


"Marlon's Marketing Minute is copyright 2008, Higher ResponseMarketing Inc. All rights reserved.


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