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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Lemonpie Update #1

Hi Internet people

- This is a 'quick hello' and a test post for another service I've come accross just recently which sounds like what I've been looking for to broadcast general messages accross my network of blogs.

It's Posterous and looks to be like hellotxt but designed for longer blogs than micro blogs, looks like it uses a wordpress interface - I'm using the on-line version as I'm still not comfy using e-mail to send anything. I do contact my Ning contacts and membership every two weeks or so with an invite to a club or to drum up some new members and I might kick start my IMC autoresponder again... might.

I've noticed some people I recognise from twitter here, that have been here a while and I'm wondering why I haven't found this place before as it's the very thing I've been looking out for, but not seen, i must admit i haven't searched as such, but I've mentiond my need of a time saver on webmastertoolkit - just suprised nobody came back with this service, but I can think of a few reasons, in terms of 'noise' from solely commerical posts (you know the S word)

Anyway my use for this service is like this - i will use it in a similar way to hello text but to update my blogger blogs, as since twitter I haven't been posting so much there - but these posts should get there rather like a newsletter - and it is another way for me to remind you to follow me on twitter @lemonknickers and/or come join my Ning Nomads Club - I have freebies for beginners, reviews of software and webtools I use / have used - I'm sticking eBooks on there and if you are a long time Internet user, we might already know each other from a past forum, as I've been on-line for 7 years (or a year either way) I stopped counting after 5 years when a webby person officially becomes a Veteran - so come in and say hello - if you are friendly!

Okay end of my first blog wide update, so lets see where this goes (fingers crossed)

And bye for now.

Zara x

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