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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Zara's top ten dot com circles of influence at the moment

Ever wonder where a person that has been on-line 8 years or so spends their time ? - well here's your answer - for one person - if you want to come and say hello - try here!

1. - I run a membership site on Ning

2. - I have a new coffee affiliates community here

3. - I like To Tweet here

4. - I have a Profile here

5. - And Here

6. - I spend way to much time on here (e-mail)

7. - I read this a lot

8. - I still visit this den of iniquity too...

9. - A personal search engine maybe, where am I ?

10. - I can be googled too much

There are tons of other connection points, these are just the first top ten influencers that popped into my head just then - for example friendfeed, tweetlater etc. aren't forgotten. Feedburner and Blogger come under Google...then there are all the other satellites, maybe I'll break those down too.

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