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Sunday, 1 November 2009

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Zara Lockwood [Edit]

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Date of Birth 01/03/1973
Role Sales, Marketing, Advertising or PR
Member Since 02/11/2007
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Something which could Transform your Business

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oke doke, trying a different way of doing things, waiting for the magic pixies instead...okay okay, stop it Zara you are so silly!

What are you really doing ?

You really wanna know ? - I don't think I believe you  :-(

Okay (gawd where did we find this one ?) well can you just tell us where your website is so at least others can have a look, even if you don't want to talk about it ?

hmmm, okay, I suppose....

hey what's that " De-activated during a4uAwards nominations" mean ? man you'd have thought that kind of information was , like PRIVATE, don't want to be in your awards anyhow....

 Oh yeah here is my A4U coffee lounge I will probably add it to my Coffee Blog:


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hello me, hello you! xxx

muto33 a few hours ago
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Hi , It would be great if you will add me to your contatcs list . I saw your websire , may be you shoul try our affiliate program . Babylon pays 40% cut plus 10% of all sales which comes from your sub affiliates . That how you make more then 50 % revenue share ! In addition you can get a special monthly bonuses of $100 to $1,000 for our best performing partners. Have a good day . Regards Daniel

Daniel_Razumov on 26 Apr 2008
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LoL . . . you sound as daft as me . . . . but hey ...give up on the award thingie eh ... I'll claiming it there :)

TheCheekyMillionaire on 17 Apr 2008

my profile over at A4U - I lurked there briefly in 2003, updated my profile with million dollar challenge info - if you are a Ning Nomad, do come and say hi :-)

If you do want to post somewhere I recommend visiting my social group first to check what is allowed - they are quite picky these days!

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