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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Friends for Sale - Buy me!

UPDATE: friends for sale is no longer with us - ADIOS AMIGOS!

You ever wanted your own internet marketing "pet" ?

I'll be your dawg! - you are cordially invited to buy me (for a bit of fun) on facebook's "Friends For sale" - I already have some tasty morsels of my own on there including Marlon Sanders, Cody Moya & Mark Joyner to name a few :)

Update there is a forum all about friends for sale - I'll probabley join up their too soon :)

you'll notice I have a subscription invitation to join my youtube channel on there too - as i just found out you can add html on your 'friends for sale' profile - which is cool for a bit of self promotion or if you have a blog you want people to visit or a youtube channel etc ? - as long as it doesn't get abused by idiots for spam - it's a handy little piece of knowledge - I've personally added youtube because I want to make use of video for this "preselling" thing I read about - doing videos reminds me a bit of drama class at school, which i really used to like - so if you see me rolling about on the virtual floor or flapping my arms about pointlessly - i am probably just trying to focus or take my mind back to those school days to remember what I liked about it

- once i start making sense abit more I might get practical and flog some junk on gumtree and / or ebay - just personal stuff as practice - I man there is no point in me trying to go self employed again until I've got something going on is there ?

I'm sure i could make money without the grand a month I was ment to be getting to help me get going - i just have to think FCUK the bullshitter(s) and try it with no money - very slowly if neccessary - I mean I dragged it out for 7 years now another 7 here or there ain't gonna make much diference now - unless i die or the world explodes - either way it won't matter at all then....

So yeah buy me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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