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Saturday, 12 April 2008

An Introduction to Adsense by Cody Moya

An Introduction to Google AdSense By Cody Moya

Many smart web entrepreneurs have discovered how to use the powerof Google AdSense, but the first step is to understand just whatthis program is and what it has to offer web site owners. Google AdSense is a program which serves up ads on the hosting website, but the key is that the ads that are placed there are relatedto the subject of the web site on which they appear.

For instance,a web site devoted to the antique car hobby might host ads forcompanies selling cars, promoting car shows and the like. In fact, AdSense is part of an advertising principle known ascontextual marketing. Placing the ads in context, as with the oldcar web site, increases the chances that those ads will be seen andresponded to.

After all, the general public may not be interestedin buying fancy chrome wheels or hubcaps for a Model T, but ownersof classic cars may be. The possibilities for contextual advertising in general, and GoogleAdSense in particular, are endless. A hockey site can host ads forhockey equipment and hockey sticks, a tennis web site could hostads for tennis balls and tickets to tennis tournaments.

It is easyto see why this program has become so popular and so well respectedwith internet users and web site owners alike. The good news for web site owners is that Google AdSense can bequite a lucrative endeavor, especially for high profile sites andthose sites with excellent, high quality and in demand content.

One of the best things about the Google AdSense program is that theads are highly targeted and relevant to the subject of the website. Targeting the ads makes a great deal of sense, sincetargeted ads are more likely to get the click throughs thatgenerate revenue. Google AdSense ads are text only, unobtrusive and very easy toread.

Unlike banner ads and pop up ads, these ads do not get inthe way of the web site visitor's experience, and they are designedin such a way that they do not overwhelm or overshadow the contentof the web site itself. Chances are the average web user hasalready seen hundreds, if not thousands, of Google AdSense ads.

There are not many places left where web site owners can make moneydirectly off of their web sites, but Google AdSense is one suchdestination. Google AdSense allows web site owners to make anincome off of every page of the web site. In addition, thealgorithms used by Google to index web sites automatically selectthe best ads for each page of the web site, providing highlytargeted and effective ads for their advertisers and lots of incomefor the owner of the site. Those web site owners and designers who have been around for awhilemay remember a concept known as AdWords.

In essence, Google AdSense is an offshoot of the initial AdWords model. It isimportant to keep in mind, however that AdWords and AdSense are not the same thing. When you do a Google search, you have probably noticed the smalltext ads which are displayed to the right hand side of the searchresults. These are contextual ads, served up based on the searchcriteria.

These targeted ads are known as AdWords, and they areused by various companies to generate revenue and drive newcustomers to their web sites. Google AdWords uses the pay per click model to generate income forGoogle. When a user clicks on one of the AdWords, that advertiserpays Google an agreed upon amount of money.

This process is fullyautomated and easily trackable by all parties. The amount of moneychanging hands with each click varies all the time and is subjectto word bidding. The placement of the ads, and the amount ofrevenue received for each click, is subject to market forces, justas in the brick and mortar advertising world.

With Google being the predominant search engine today, the companyhas continued to exert its power and influence, and the ads servedup by Google, both through AdWords and AdSense, can be powerfulrevenue generating machines. Many smart web site owners havealready discovered the power of Google AdSense in generatingrevenue and profiting from their web site content, and many moreweb site owners are discovering this power every day.

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