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Monday, 7 April 2008

Using Giveaways As A Listbuilding Tool
By: Lee Kendrick, Posted: 2008-04-06

Lately it seems that the focus of internet marketers everywhere has shifted toward participating in giveaway events. Most people has a few basic questions when it comes to these types of events. What exactly is a giveaway event? And, why should I participate? Isn't my goal to sell products, not give them away? And, all of these are valid questions.

1. For the internet marketer, webmaster and business owner, registering to download products from giveaway events is a fantastic way to obtain popular reports, eBooks and software... without any out-of-pocket money. The only requirement is that you must provide a valid email address to the product owner, in return for your access to each product... which is a small price to pay. Obviously, you can always remove yourself from the marketer's email list if you choose to do so at a later date. Although, if you select carefully, you'll find that most of these marketers provide high-quality content that has continued value... beyond the giveaway event itself.

2. Many top internet marketers, webmasters, software developers, authors, and affiliate marketers have developed HUGE lists of 50,000... 250,000... or more (within a few weeks or months) by simply uploading their free products to these
giveaway events.

3. Obviously, making sales are important. BUT... making sales to tens or hundreds of thousands of people (who've downloaded your freebies & joined your mailing list) is much more important than selling products through your website. And please don't misunderstand me, because selling products through your site, through affiliate promotions, through article marketing, etc. are all vital to your online success. However, adding giveaway events to your "promotion arsenal" will make life a lot more fun for you & will thrill your wallet too.

4. When you participate in a giveaway event, it's vital to your success... to have your free product shown as close as you can to Page 1 or the top of the list. To insure higher rankings, most giveaway sites will allow you to upgrade your
membership, which insures that your product won't be deleted & that more people will download it. Choosing to upgrade (or not) will make or break your "giveaway event success".

5. Last of all, it's also very important that you promote the event as much as possible... to your customer list, on your website, on your blog, etc. When everyone works together, more traffic goes to the event, and when more traffic arrives, more products are downloaded, and when more products have been downloaded... you WIN with a LARGER LIST.

With that being said, if you have a product that you're willing to giveaway for free exposure & to build your list... I highly recommend visiting & signing up as a JV partner.

If you don't have a product to upload (i.e. still working on your eBook, have been procrastinating, etc.), simply upload one of your Private Label Rights (PLR) products that you've collected as cyber-dust on your hard drive. I also recommend changing the author's name, maybe the title of the product, etc. to make it your own. But, this isn't 100% necessary. You will connect with your audience (downloaders) if the product appears to be your own creation. But, at this stage of the game (to all the procrastinators), it's more important that you start getting people added to your list... FAST!

Every person added to your list is worth at least $1 per month to you, as long as you build a relationship... add value to the relationship with great content in the future... and stay in touch with them on a regular basis.

If you need some free reports, I highly recommend visiting my website at today. You can get 1 free report each month, which you'll also be able to rebrand (in less than 2 minutes & maybe faster) with your own affiliate links. Each report is extremely high quality & excellent cover graphics too. There is an option to upgrade, which will let you get 4 free reports each month... in almost any niche. PLUS, you can upload your free reports through this link too... helping you get more website traffic & broaden your reach.

The site administrator at will provide you with a squeeze page for a nominal fee, if you don't already have one (or don't have the time to create one).

I hope this article answered your questions about giveaway events. Internet marketing is really simple and shouldn't be as complicated as it appears.

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Lee Kendrick has been featured by numerous magazines as a very successful internet marketer, credit expert, software developer, and public speaker. On a daily basis, Lee utilizes giveaways, article marketing, and social networking sites to market his messages of internet marketing simplicity. Subscribe to his 'Insane Website Traffic Tips' newsletter, to stay informed about everything within the ever-changing internet marketing landscape.

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