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Saturday, 17 May 2008

just thinking about social networking and it's impact on the biz op market

Now I know there is a HUGE market for work at home products, courses, services etc. - now a thing i've noticed with the offers - or maybe I'm just becomming used to them again, it just that htey aren't grabbing my attention, me the compulsive buyer isn't feeling the need to buy knick naks on-line so much as social networking provides lots of pretend money, pretend toys, pretend status etc.

As a kiddie, like most girls i was into Barbie ans Sindy, had the mansion house the horses the four poster bed, playing out little games etc. - social networking feels like that on some levels and i wonder how this transferance from usually buying ebooks or software or info products - to buying pretend money with pretend money (or the option of real money to buy pretend money and 'premium pokes') effects the 'micro payment' markets - these micropayments are being funnelled into the latest internet platform in the form of images and video..

..ahg I lost the thread, there is a thread somewhere, it's to do with a shift in spending habits on a small scale that can effect a larger whole - rather like if 100 people buy a broom from your store - thouse mini payments are going to add up, then if someone else starts selling fancier brooms and the customers start going that way, you don't just loss the first sell, you lose the back end sale, the follow up sale and all these repeat sales

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