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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Great - Facebook prize spambots over people...

JointEffort Software Decided all my friends were it's friends with out telling me - which bit of that don't FB get !? - where on this form does it say they are going to spam all my friends with google links ? - or even invite all my friends ? - after I clicked to check for friends - the bot took over my account (under false pretenses) and SPAMMED using my account I never agreed for use for that purpose.

I've contacted the company which make the social community platform that funnation use - as it seems they are responsible for setting up the mass mailing software which breaks facebook rules and has caused me to infect others with it.

JointEffort is the platform/webmaster's white label - if you are a social networker or webmaster I urge you to steer clear - their mailing software (they don't tell you it's mailing software by the way - they say it finds friends currently on the network - like the type of thing you get on Plurk or Pownce) pressing the "check for friends" button can get you accused of spamming and/or banned from all the major social networking websites.

- Facebook issued me a warning I had to acknowledge or be banned from using facebook. I'm not very happy at Funnation/Jointeffect causing this to happen to me, I've never used mass mailing out side of legal limits. I have no need to do it, never even wanted to do it - so I am warning others after the event WATCH OUT- I have image stills of the misleading process which leads it to happen-

- Which clearly shows I didn't intend to mass mail intentionally - I had no way of knowing that the software was set up to mass mail rather than import friends - facebook - have failed to check who they gave permission to partner with them - the jointeffort platform clearly has facebook's permission to allow integration so people can enter there login details, this is dispite the software being against facebook rules - that's how they got my password - facebook have obviously acknowledged this by making me get a new password today - yet I had to take the blame - I took it under fear of losing my connect to facebook, not because did anything against the rules - from what I understand sometimes you have to take the blame even if you didn't do it and this is what I have been forced to do.

I will remove this message when this mess has blown over - I don't feel like communicating with anyone at the moment - jointeffort have messed up my accounts - and caused myself and others to lose time and question reputation/conduct by others - if I had an income to lose - I'd sue them.

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