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Friday, 25 July 2008

IFPI Takes ISP to Court to Impose Music Piracy Filter

The ‘Big Four’ record labels - EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner have started legal proceedings to force an ISP to end piracy on its network. The action, brought against Irish ISP, Eircom, is the first of it’s kind.Note: this ruling is an insult to every child/person that is sexually abused and / or watched by PAYING pedos on-line - as if record companies can force ISP to spy on peoples downloads - WHY oh fuck WHY, can't they be arsed to let the police spy/ track and capture perverts ?! - that in theory are even easier to track as they often PAY to watch kids being raped - tracking "bad people" doing "bad things" via ISP should b put in priorty of need - who need your help more - some musician getting royalties or some kid being fucked by a nonce - this dumb ass set of catching the bad people sucks BIG TIME. - they are the wrong people...

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