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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Just a little update - Zara remember to read me!

Hello Internet people, I don't normally have much to say but I'm updating and changing a few bits and bobs - ready for winter maybe ?

Anyway - I'll be directing anyone from my myspace and linkprimer blogs (I think linkprimer has gone ?) - anyway the myspace one will have a page filled with feedburner summaries of this blog, my niche blog (about my town)and the two new blogs I've set up - one is about getting potential work from home people - into the 'funnel' as they call it - i.e directing them to niches of Interest

- the other site is for marketers that are looking for people to sell their niches to - the idea being if I am affiliated to both sides of the deal - I might end up with a commission at some point.

This blog here is like the 'mother ship' blog - i know it's ment to be about webmaster tools - but to me it is - I'm talking about digg, about gadgets and articles I find interesting - and you get to here the results of my other blogs too.

I'll be time for news cast 15 so - so I'll have to remember to remember services I've looked at that are cool - the last few weeks - like :

Winksite, Zoodoka ? (look it up in a mo)that rf images thingy and find that free photo bank link. - some images are too small for 123rf (they have to be bigger than my old cameras max of 1600x1200 - but I rekon I could still sell them in my etsy shop - either as prints (need a printr and some 'plastic' frames (to save on glass braking in travel)and or people could buy them in a zip file.

other stuff I need to do is get my rapid profits site updated, and ask Derek Gehl /his crew if they still have all my passwords and registery keys - I think I have the mail loop one but it would be good to get the ebook maker up and running although open office is fine - actually need to loginto the affiliate program for IMC and get the bebiz link code - as that looks like a cool training program for the niche finder blog - I'm still into niche stuff - as it has o much potential with the social networking scene.

Anyway enough for now - ah that bug bear

how to get feedflares into posts the instructions they give are impossible - if anyone on their forums can explain it better to me - I will write up my own version - as it makes no sense whatsoever to me might as well be in another language!!!

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