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Saturday, 16 August 2008

In memory of Weston Grand Pier

Zara's Note:

The picture's in the last half of the video were taken by me 4 days before the pier burnt down, I had been going there to take my annual walk around and get photos of the building from all sides, and I remember being please that I could get further down the pier at the back as it wasn't blocked off, which is how I got a better picture of the back of the pier.

The morning I first saw the pier towers engulfed in flames, I had a little flutter in my heart, and an emotion of sadness like I was watching the end of an era/ a piece of time fade away. I tried getting up to the soverign center par parks to get some better pictures but they were still closed off on the top levels - so I went home instead.

I didn't get the urge to take my video camera and live record it like many others did on their phones, the fist thing I thought of was my digital camera - I took 8 or 9 photos then went home, event recorded. Maybe it's because with a camera taking stills, it's just a moment caught on camera rather than the whole thing, I prefer it that way - maybe that means I am a photographer at heart rather than a video person, who knows ? - rather like a painting captures a moment of emotion and traps in on a canvas and it doesn't leak off the page, contained.

Anyway...just an update I forgot to add.

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