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Monday, 22 September 2008

More stuff about blackberry I found on lemon.2u

Blackberry Mobile Phones">Blackberry Mobile Phones


The ever-growing craze for the latest mobile phone equipped with the most advanced features is what every gadget geek is looking for. For the average mobile users a cell phone that can play audio and video files, has a good memory and battery life is enough. However, when it comes to the demands of the business executives, the phone has to have all the latest business facilities. A businessperson needs many things on the go and they want things in just one device. The Blackberry mobile phone does just that job for the busy business executives. Blackberry mobile phones combine a variety of functions in one single device and frees the users from carrying different devices. Business needs are best served by the Blackberry mobile phones.

Blackberry mobile phones go beyond the usual features like games, music, email, and voice and open up new possibilities for the executives. Since its introduction in 1999, the Blackberry mobile phones have weaved such magic that for many executives it is impossible to think of any other brand to use for their daily business needs. Some of the useful features of Blackberry mobile phones include Internet, fax, push e-mail, web browsing and a range of wireless information services.

The Brand

The Blackberry brand of mobile phones today ranks among the top business mobile phones in the world and enjoys a great reputation. The Canadian based company RIM or Research in Motion owns the Blackberry brand of mobile phones. The services of RIM are offered in Europe, North America, and even the Asia-Pacific region. The features of the Blackberry mobile phones are so exciting that one becomes addicted to the device!

Blackberry mobile phones are a revolution in the world of mobiles. Real time email reception is what attracts executives mostly to the Blackberry besides its other features. Users of the device fondly call it the CrackBerry phone. As of April 11, 2007, the number of Blackberry subscribers had reached eight million. The BlackBerry brand features inbuilt licensing programs that enable a secure wireless platform that can be extended according to the needs of the users.

The QWERTY keyboard enables the user to type characters and numbers. Blackberry have earned themselves the distinction of being called smartphones due to their unique functionality.


Blackberry mobile phones are known for their unique features which let the users receive their emails in real time, do many PDA functions and much more. The different models of the Blackberry come with stunning features. For instance the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition is a smart little device that features wireless e-mail, web browser, and dual-band network powered with global roaming facilities. The other models such as 7100T and 8100 have superior features which are better than the regular phones, featuring PDA functions. The 7100T model is packed with useful features that include an easy to use keypad. In Europe and America the Blackberry model 8700 has been very popular with users. This model features built-in GPS, QWERTY keyboard and other such useful business applications.

The Blackberry 8800 is a much smarter device than the 8700 and comes with QUAD Band GSM connectivity, QWERTY keyboard, GPS and also blackberry connectivity. With this model, carrying a laptop is unnecessary for the business executives. The Blackberry Curve is for those looking for multimedia capabilities in their cell phones. Many top manufacturers use the BlackBerry Curve technology and BlackBerry Push technology in their products and that is the distinction Blackberry has earned.

The earlier Blackberry models featured the Intel 80386 processor while the other models used ARM 7 or 9 processors. The 8100 and 8700 series feature Intel PXA901 312 MHz processor, 64 MB flash memory and 16 MB SDRAM. Many world organizations offer their employees Blackberry devices so they can stay constantly in touch with their colleagues through emails. Blackberry unveiled its latest model of 8800 in April 2007. Blackberry has discontinued with the track wheel with a trackball in their latest devices. Thus, Blackberry phones are by far the world's most advanced business phones.

The OS

The operating system Blackberry offers is multi-tasking. The system is compatible with MIDP 1.0 and WAP 1.2. The present operating system enables total wireless activation as well as combining with the calendar, email, notes and tasks. Other developers can develop software with the use of the APIs and for this, digital sign is important. The OS of the Blackberry is thus a stable and robust platform for different applications.

Blackberry Mobile Phones

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