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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

What's all this about twitter spam ?

Okay I keep hearing this phrase, popping up in conversation by users of twitter - who are usually twittering, blogging and broadcasting to everyone about how much they dislike twitter spam - Twitter is is a service you join to connect and follow people - YOU choose whom you follow

- You choose follow a person that sends you stuff you don't like - and you continue to follow them - you are essentially STALKING SPAM - leave those spammy people alone, you wally wombat! - use the unfollow if you don't like the people you signed up with -

Jeez - I find it hard to believe, people become friends with very one, then wonder why there is some guy or girl in amongst all those thousands that isn't trying to flog them a Wii or some kind or herbal supplement - if you follow people that are marketers that run herbal stores - guess what ? - they might try to flog you vitamin pills!

I know their are different types of ideas of how to market a product - but if your end goal in using twitter is to become more widely known and branded in the twitter realm - you are marketing YOU as your product - if you use twitter just as a social tool without business intent - keep your tweets private - start a private club where you can all tweet to each other with a strictly no commercial messages allowed on it.

The rest of us - myself included - use twitter as a mixture of social and marketing - I'll do a blog with a rant like this one, tell you now cold my feet are, I'll link to a product or service I think is cool - a gizmo that I have become affiliated with etc.
I'll accept very one at first, and see how it goes, weeding out people that don't fit into my requirement for 'happy tweeting experiences... '

If I continually get a bunch of messages from them I don't like i.e someone that doesn't personalize there tweets - just pumps out links over and over about products I have no interest in "like plasma TVs blah blah price click here" etc. like a link farm of old I UNFOLLOW them- as there is no point me following a person that just wants to link me to electronics of dubious origin - when I have no intention of purchasing anything like that or interest.

Information and chats you get in your tweets are under YOUR control - you keep chucking the word SPAM about, every time an e-mail or tweet you get deoesn't agree with your idea of tasteful - you mis guide people as to the REAL nature of what really spam is - unwanted communication, usually involving something emotive or perverse - that is forced on you without your permission. Crying spam when a friend sends you an invite to a club or sends you a blog entry is pathethic, on your part not their's.

- As that isn't spam - the networks that run the whole gawd dam show aren't trying to prevent cute photo's and links to cod liver oil capsules or some daft mlm matrix from violating your privacy - that stuff is lightweight fluff that can be manged effectively by using one's own brain.

The most effective way to deal with ANY dodgey advert on-line anywhere is to not click on it - then eventually it will die FACT!!! as business people aren't it it for the laugh, they are in it for the money, it might in truth be reborn in another form, call it what you like... The rule is simple - don't accept candy from friends or strangers unless you know how to unsubscribe or unfollow once you've eaten your fill and changed your mind!

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MJ Ray said...

Agree to a point, but spammers still need to be hidden from the public "everyone" page.