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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Notice to club members

Hello - this is just a note "on the blog" to inform people who belong to my freebie club that I have a broadcast going out in about an hour containing a freebie

- I've send a copy to myself too as it's the first time I've used this particular mailing system - and from the admin end it looks pretty compatible with blogger - and I'm well into blogger at the moment a you can probably tell :) - I'll know in about an hour if it's come out as planned.

If you haven't signed up yet why not ?! - I've been on-line donkey's years so you'll get some of the best converting or useful bits and bobs... now I'm not exactly techcrunch or read, write, web in the technology department, which is why I subscribe to them myself via

but I am a bit of a trend watcher and I like free stuff that inspires me to do something - and most of these gizmos I like tend to be freebies hidden away in webmaster toolboxes of tricks - so by joining my club you are simply being invited to share what I find over the years.

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