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Monday, 15 September 2008

Where to find free live broadcasting TV places on-line

Two options I use:

1. UStream.TV - it's free, more suited to business than play in my personal opinion although they do have some good interactive game shows/quiz nights on there.

You get the option to record as well as broadcast live - the recording if under 10 minutes per time can be automatically transferred to a youtube account - so in theory you are creating two lots of content. recordings can also be downloaded as flash iles and windows movie maker (so you can edit them if want and re upload to youtube) - you can embed the chatroom and screen on other sites as they have flash widgets available.

I had a live chat for about 3 hours with one person and it was quite a drain mentally, but interesting, not something I would want to get too distracted by

2. another good , free live broadcasting place, the choice of many youtuber partners that are spreading their wings and fan bases.

It has a more entertainment feel than documentary, no youtube delivery with blogtv but more people came to chat when I used this one, for good or ill*

I see potential - it's almost better than prerecorded as it's got a live dynamic feel to it - but like virtual reality and online gaming it s already quite a deep genre in itelf and you really need to use it with a plan in place or you could end up drifting on a tangent for the day or night!- I may use it for some more story telling, but I'll keep the chat box off!

- I've kept about 24 minutes of me being "cyber bullied" on my channel (byebycrazyboy) - for anyone interested in that kind of thing- from a psychology or logistics (of delivering your message or not)point of view. - I allowed it to happen as I suspected this could be one of the side effects of being a lone woman on such places, the test helped focus my mind on how to use the live outlets and I ended up reading fairy tales to the bully which makes it a bit disturbing for some maybe... (just incase you cringed and left early)

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