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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Zara Lockwood's Official Fan Club on FaceBook

a ghostly spector said "..Pamper my ego, worship me and I will be your know it's me fan club and all - so use it wisely my flowers xxx..."ha! this digg is in the top 20 of google for Zara Fan Club, must have been the worship and slave bits - I didn't mean it - honest ;-) only 2 digg's so I was hardly digging it for the attention... bah!

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zara's note: just me laughing like the court jester at my own jokes, so to compound it I reposted my own post of a post about a post - just preparing myself for the string theory thingy, when they zap away at matter like they explain on TV last night - "don't worry yourself, BANG, CRASH, flashing sparkles, we just want to take a peek at the creation of the universe - all "sealed in" - magnets, who's have thought they could be so useful.

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