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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Seven Ways To Hustle Up Some Money Selling Products

"Seven Ways To Hustle Up Some Money Selling Products"

Save this for reference and use it as a checklist

By Marlon Sanders

The bills are flying in.

Your house needs repairs.

The kids have needs.

The government wants their taxes.

Your gym wants money.

Your car needs new tires or repairs.

Where are you gonna dig up all that money? Well, it's time
you get busy and sell some stuff.

Let's look at ways to hustle up some money selling products,
whether they're your own or someone elses.

1. Hold a teleseminar

I recommend if you're on a budget. Send
an email to your list, announce the call, send remind emails and
a voice blast or two.

My friend Stacy Kellums runs ppc ads on Google, gets people on
teleconference calls and makes a killing selling other people's
big ticket products.

His model is really sweet because other people have the pitch
and the product. All he has to do is put people on the call!

If you get something that sells really well, you can record it
and have it played back on demand.

The teleseminar comes down to how good you or your guest can
pitch while giving value and making people happy. If all you do
is pitch and offer no value, you probably won't have many people
on your next call.

If you're not good at verbal selling, then maybe teleseminars would
be a good place for you to get that practice in.

If you love a topic and are passionate about it, you can't stray
too far.

If you sell stuff you could care less about, then probably
teleseminars aren't a good match for you, unless you can find
someone to be on there who does love the topic and wants to share.


-- Make sure you have a drop dead headline
-- Work on those bullet points on your sign up page
-- Send out multiple email reminders
-- Send out a voice broadcast the day of the teleseminar
-- Hook people right off the bat with a big, juicy promise and keep
it flowing or you'll lose 'em

2. Hold a webinar

The advantage of webinars is you can interact with the audience
via polls. And you can see everyone on the webinar.

Plus, you can show power point slides or even your computer screen.

Remember, you don't have to pitch YOUR product. You can get someone
else with a product to promote. All you have to do is get people ON
the call.

If you haven't held a webinar, you have to use gotowebinar some to
get familiar with it. It's a bit tricky to pull everything off
correctly. I plan on doing more webinars.

The main thing about webinars is getting people on them. You need
a great topic, a strong headline and good bullet points. Don't
expect people to show up just because it's free.


-- Realize you have to get people to sign up through gotowebinar.
They are required to sign up through a link.
-- Do a practice session so you're comfortable with the software.
-- Learn how to administer polls. I goofed this up my first

3. Write an ebook and give it away

It's an oldy technique. But still works with a good topic, a great
title and a little hustle and showmanship.

I don't mean "hustle" in the bad sense of the term. I mean put some
thinking to it and a little elbow grease or work.

You have to use your wits a bit and be resourceful.

Ebooks are still a good way to build your list. Unfortunately, in
times past, the method got diluted as do most marketing techniques.
People seek to make something work with the least amount of effort
humanly possible.

I've found that money gravitates to people who have passion and put
soul into their work. And while I know of people who seemingly make
tons without a soul, I don't aspire to be them.

I think I'd rather spend an hour talking to a starving artist with
vision and creativity than I would even 5 minutes to someone who
sells crap but drives an exotic car.

While it's true you can outsource an ebook to India, you can't
outsource heart and soul.

I mean, thank God no one has figured out how to do that yet.


-- Put great content in your free ebook. Don't put your scraps in it.
-- Realize that it's as hard to give away a freebie as it is to sell
a product. Don't underestimate the task.
-- Know how you're going to profit in advance.
-- Pre-plan your upsells and downsells
-- Use Primal Branding in the ebook to emotionally bond readers

4. Create a screen capture video

I'm seeing more and more well-done screen capture videos that pitch
a product.

These are less effort than a teleseminar or webinar and potentially
have a longer life span.

The best way to learn to do a good one is to study ones that pull
you in and make YOU want to reach in your wallet and pull out YOUR
credit card.

It really just comes down to good old fashioned salesmanship or
saleswomanship, depending on your perspective.

-- Speak at a brisk pace
-- Articulate clearly. Don't sound like a dead fish.
-- Have a little excitement to your voice.
-- Outline what you're going to say.
-- Avoid the ummmmms and awwwwws.

5. Do a live streaming video broadcast

You've probably seen at least one or two of the live streaming video
sessions by now. If you haven't, go to and check them

I have a whole product at that can
help you get up and running.

This is the ultimate in communicating personally with your audience
and interacting.


-- Have pre-planned content to things keep moving
-- Make sure you use lightboxes for your lighting if you have them
available. Warm light really helps.
-- Do a few small broadcasts to practice with.

6. Create your case in a PDF

Believe it or not, free reports and PDF's STILL sell. Like anything
else, it boils down to your persuasive abilities.

You've got to hook people in, show them you have value, create
benefits and a reason to act today.

7. Ramp up your blog

Done well, a blog holds considerable sales power. Ramp it up and
you'll probably see more of those sales pouring in.


-- Study to see how to write great blog content.
-- Don't assume you can put junk on your blog and get it read.
-- Learn to add video and podcasts to your blog
-- Make liberal use of pictures.

If you need help with ANY of the above, they're ALL covered in

Marlon Sanders is the author of "The Amazing Formula That
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