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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Tripod saved by the short and curlies ?

I got this e-mail through today, I hope it's true, we can't let all the giants tumble woolies on-line and now lycos - maybe someone bought it as a valentines gift (black cat):

We are happy to inform you that the Tripod service will continue to run, and therefore our last communication is now no longer the truth.

Tripod with its approximately 6 million users was rescued at the last minute, so the fight to keep this service up and running from your Tripod team was a success.

Your TRIPOD homepage will stay after the 15.02.2009

On the 16.02.2009 a new provider will take over TRIPOD and continue its service. For you the user, this basically means that your TRIPOD homepage is safe and will continue free of charge.

We also look forward in giving you with TRIPOD and Multimania more improvements and new features in the very near future.

The services will be moved to another Data centre therefore some slight interruptions could take place. Therefore we do ask for your patience and co-operation while this takes place.

It could also be the case that we will not be allowed to use the URL, but instead If this is the case, we the team at TRIPOD will do everything in our power to re-index your homepage within GOOGLE as quickly as possible.


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