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Friday, 13 February 2009

Youtube censoring people from the UK ?

Wierd - first time I've been blocked on youtube from watching a USA based youtube video because because I live in the UK.

I've had it happen with American TV / Live type channels but I guess we Brits aren't aloud to watch the David Letterman show anymore - maybe it's something to do with movie release dates - but surely this is a review / interview with the movie director or actor ? - I don't know who this guy is, but i still object to the censorship of this interview - just coz i live in England, it's bad enough we aren't allowed to listen / sign up with pandora - now we are banned from watched us TV in UK even on video it seems.

Youtube today mac donalds tomorrow...

The video that won't play in UK but I presume plays okay in States ===>

p-s one of the reasons this bugged me is because I am subscribed to and they have star youtube clips, and it's a real shitter if you are banned from watching something mainstream on a youtube clip - it almost provokes me into going some where really nasty instead just to give them the V's... I imagine your average teenager would feel cheated like that too!

I know lets ban people from normal youtube clips and get them download chucky eats babies or something perverse instead.

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