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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Some Affiliate Training lesson 2

Lesson 2.

In the ideal Affiliate or Network Marketing world you have a nice chatty upline and downline that all talk to each other, share ideas and strive forward as a team and achieve big profits together.

In reality I've noticed either an unresponsive upline or downline, deliberately cutting out there Upline (cutting out their upline's commission) and I've also heard of Upline 'poaching' other people's downlines by bribery. Guess what ? all of these things are unethical practices, and you are unlikely to make anymore money from doing them, cutting people out of your plan breeds disloyalty and makes the Affiliate and Networking model FAIL.

Now when you first start Marketing these 'blackhat' kind of tricks might make you think you are 'in the know' and making progress - or you might not understand the reason why you should whenever possible give your upline credit for finding you, by becoming their team mate and joining via their website link.

The point is, it's a BIG Internet World out there with many, many Millions of people all spending money on affiliate/networking advertising in the hope (or planned expectation) that the reward for their effort/money and time will be a wage to feed their families or fund their lifestyle.

Now most Affiliate Programs like The GanoBrand Affiliate Program have two parts to them -

The first part - is a product you can sell - with GranoBrand you are pointing potential customers towards a range of Ganoderma products, including healthy coffee blends, Mocha, Cereal and other supplements. If people buy that product you earn a sales commission of 20%

The second part - is residual earnings through a second tier of recruits of 10% - in other words, if you happen to enjoy networking and building teams of people and you want to help them generate sales of coffee too, you have a second income stream, the first 20% the second 10% combined you have your wage and an active team of people doing the same as you, each person is their own sales team leader, each person gets value from their upline (training, mentoring in the program, advice) and value from their downline (residual Income)

In cases where the upline isn't giving you value, like they haven't introduced themselves or sent you tips and advice or invited you to groups and events on-line etc. I think you have the right to move to another team, but try contacting them first, they might have missed your activation e-mail and not realized you joined as a team mate. Also it's no good having an upline that doesn't understand English enough to direct you to websites you can advertise the product or get recruits from. This doesn't mean avoid non English speaking it just means you need to have your sales materials in an easy copy and paste formula and tell them to send it to their recruits OR have a central location such s this blog where your recruits can come and pick up tips, banners and other training materials.

The message you need to learn from lesson 2. is:

1. It's in the TEAM - Set a good example

Don't cut out your upline, as they are part of the system that makes the good practice of following the system rather than breaking it, if you are deliberate affiliate system breaker you will attract system breakers and end up with a disloyal downline that are easily poached or cut you out of your commission, set an example, raise the bar, you want people to trust your actions, not think you' re just in it for yourself, you are in it for a team, that is what 2 tier affiliate marketing and Networking marketing is about, if you don't like team work you will fail.

2. Communicate with your Downline - show them what to do!

try and communicate with your upline (if they haven't contacted you, to let them know you are interested in any training materials they have to offer you. Contact your downline on a regular basis, if they don't like your communication - explain to them they are in your team of Affiliates, if they really don't want your communication, stop sending them mail and focus of downline that do want your help, in your final message to the grumpy affiliate you can tell them you are sad to see them go, remind them they are welcome back into your team whenever they like and give them a brief description of what they are missing, online Chat with other affiliates, freebies, contests etc. Keep the door open for them, but don't waste your time trying to persuade them.

3. Make streams of information available to your team mates - I can help you with most of the systems I use, they are simple to set up and increase your reach, I will go into more details about each in future lessons.

My Team mates have these resources to find me or learn something - all of these resource either lead to the twitterfeed or this blog and this blog leads to the GanoBrand Website, the many sites I connect with I see* as satellites (directional tools) revolving around the "planet" of the product and income opportunity.

This Blog: This blog is also linked up to Facebook via Networked Blogs

A Twitter stream @coffee2u - where my i love gano blog entries are automatically sent to it on publication using twitterfeed I chat about the products and the affiliate program on this twitter channel it's also on widgetbox:

I have a I Love Gano Group on my Ning Network: that contains the twitter feed, widgetbox widget and blog entries.

I have the Blog on MyblogLog with a community ready for potential affiliates and/or people interested in Coffee

People hd the option to subscribe to blog updates via e-mail delivery using feedburner -

Subscribe to I Love Gano - Enjoy A GanoBrand Coffee With Us by Email

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This list will grow and I will add them to the "lets connect" page here


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