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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A thought about GanoBrand's two tier postioning

GanoBrand Offer a Two Tier Affiliate Program which means you can earn from direct sales and referral sales. Those two income streams could be used to reinvest into a Higher ticket Opportunity - which means you will start at a higher position (in that choosen Companies Compensation plan) and already be qualified to earn higher amounts.

The way I am viewing two tier affiliate programs at the moment is that they could be used to reinvest in higher ticket packages that get higher returns.

i.e you could make use of both Affiliate programs AND legitimate MLM programs to cover all bases - i.e if the MLM goes belly up you still have your direct sales funnels (feeding from the dying vine ? Mike Dillard ?) or if your Affiliate program goes belly up (i.e it dies) you have your MLM distribution channel.

By acting as an Independent Agent (which you are, as you are not employed by them)you can also make use of multi levels of recruitment entry - i.e a person with no money, can start on the free affiliate program, get to know the product, then later (if they want/ show alot of interest) you can introduce them to the same MLM.

OR if you have some new distributors in an MLM that are having problems making sales and slowly getting more and more demotivated (high turnover isn't uncommon) you could introduce them to the Affiliate Program as a further method of getting recruits & making some quick sales.

There are a number of MLM's that spring to mind now - including DXN (Lingzhi), Gano Excel (Ganocafe), HealthyCoffee (Energi)- and some others - all offer better payment plan's if you enter at a higher level from the beginning.

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