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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

3 cash Machine is back

Yeay! I'm glad they got it sorted out with google, I like this little marketing machine.  I'm sending this out as a blogwide update as it means I will probabley be adding 3CM back to the healthy coffee downline builder - I will add it as an exta program this time and keep global domains there too as a separate opportunity:


the e-mail from Dan - incase you missed it:


I write to you with great news... The 3 Cash Machine has been re-launched!

Google has finally lifted the 'Attack Site' warning and we've got the site
back up and running. And it's going to be better then ever!

During the time that the 3CM was down, we've gone through the site with
a fine tooth comb and fixed a number of scripting issues. In particular,
an issue that prevented a small number of people from signing up. So the
sign up numbers should shoot through the roof this summer!!

As we have not been monitoring the support desk during the down time... our
mailbox has filled up with over 15,000 emails. A lot of this is spam. So
we're decided to delete all of these emails and start from scratch. Soooo...
If you sent a support related email to us over the past 2 weeks, please go
to your 'Sent Messages', find the email and resend it.

I've been totally blown away by the response of the 3CM members over this
past two weeks. I'm so very proud of you all!! Your letters of luck and
encouragement have been a true inspiration. Thank you to all of you that
wrote strong worded letters to Google. It just goes to show what strength
in numbers can achieve.

Finally - It was the 3CM's 1st birthday on Sunday (2 days ago)! We didn't
think there was very much to celebrate on Sunday... But now we feel like a
PARTY!! So to thank you for all your hard work over the past year, I'm
going to send you a couple of presents tomorrow... so keep your eye out for

Thank you for your patience and humility.
I wish you a profitable new 3CM year! :)
Kind Regards,

Dan Weaver

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