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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Hi All blog 2#

Hello This is my new universal blog, posted from posterous it in theory can act like a bigger update than a tweet and also get to some of the blogs I don't get to sometimes - speaking on which I have a godaddy blog that I need to add once I figure out how to add it.

I'm going to try and write something most days (she says) mainly about my current favorite subjects - i.e Coffee, web tools, social networking, on-line life and my dog.

I usually get fed up and forget to blog - but like a diet - I will try to post 5 out of every 7 days - 7 days when ever possible. I will probabley add reminders to myself on here too.

Sooo, what are you up to Zara ?

Well... at the moment I am setting up a place to add profiles - over on that site is made using a script I brought via a web script reseller buddy of mine (I have the resell rights myself - once I've got the hang of it I might offer custom installs), I am customizing it at the moment - sign up is quick, what a person can do there is add a profile, add video's from youtube, add photos, I might turn it into a social network for my coffee affiliates actually, people that join either the healthycoffee downline builder , or are coffee fan's from I Love Gano but anyone can add a profile or start a journal/blog there - coffee drinkers / coffee fan's only please!

I have a both free and paid web hosting I use - my coffee venues are like little kiosks - I'll plonk one on most social networks where it is allowed - imagine a franchise like a chinese takeaway or a news agents or a mini version of a starbucks / costa coffee - then imagine - they are all coffee themed places, where you can chat with people about coffee, social media, web tools, blogging, with coffee games and links to coffee websites and coffee experts (I am in the process of looking for coffee experts - I have already found a few good ones in UK and USA) and it's on-line. That's kind of what Zara's Coffee Venues is about - I'm your Barista / cafe owner type person - if you buy a coffee product either directly off me or via an affiliate link, I will earn a commission and that will go towards a wage to make me finacially independent.  Once I can earn a profit that can keep me from being homeless - then I can think about hiring others that wish to help out - a bit like Cafe World on Facebook !!!




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