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Thursday, 7 January 2010

300 members and a virtual flower

oh look a post, a real one!, my other ones are real too, I am just getting in the flow, deciding which to engage in with extra posts, and as this one is doing well on mybloglog these days with a tasty 300 members I can communicate with, get to know, follow, all that stuff, I feel like 300 is a good amount of people in any one location to start chatting with on-line.

so it's focusing on the topic innit ?! - the topic here is web tools - so I guess I could start building an article directory here maybe - of useful articles/ how to's for webmasters ? - and I'm not talking about tools that costs hundreds or thousands - the most I've ever paid for a tool on-line is about 300/400 bucks the least - FREE, average price for a digital product or piece of software around 30 US dollars I guess - if it looks interesting - micro payments yes - lots of them - forget about buying snow globes on eBay (Well don't actually I love eBay and will probably talk about that a lot here!)what I mean is virtual snow globes cool too

- i love the idea of buying and selling animated gifs - I've brought virtual coins, via Zorpia, Ning and facebook for little niknaks to add to pages - and I don't care that you can get countless others free - it's the point that you pay for it - you are showing a person you will pay for something - rather than steal it out of someones garden - like flowers for example, the broken daffodil might be cute and 'hand picked' because he forgot your birthday, BUT a big bunch of flowers says I love you best - if you are into bling right ?

Any questions ? leave a comment.

Zara x

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