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Friday, 23 November 2007

Marlon Sanders Cash Like ClockWork System

U.S. President Teaches You Marketing!

Crazy as it sounds, the next U.S. President, whoever it is, is gonna help you sell more of your stuff.

"Oh, yeah. Right Marlon. Let's see you 'splain this one to me..."

No seriously. Read this email for the complete scoop. It ain't gonna cost you a cent, pound or peso. So wadda you got to lose?

Well, at election time in the U.S. You guys and gals in UK, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada and so forth will probably hear about it.

The candidates are making their final whistle stops. It's a good time to talk the marketing of a President.

There's a lot YOU can learn from elections that can show you the path to selling more of your stuff.

Isn't it kind of strange that the most prestigious job in the U.S. comes down to one thing --


See, marketing is about selecting MARKETS for a product or service and designing an APPEAL to that MARKET that will get a response.

That's what marketing is. The study of and appeal to markets. I bet a lot of people teaching marketing don't even understand that.

Yeah, you have the traditional marketing mix of product, price, promotion and distribution (or place).

But at heart, it's just about markets. Who is in the market for MY product (or service).

Think of it like this: The President IS a product that is sold to markets. Who are those markets?

Gays, lesbians, religious groups, right wing, left wing, investors, educators, labor unions, moms 'n dads, corporations, small businesses, and so forth.

You will hear each of the candidates specifically pick out certain of those groups and make an appeal or promise to them.

The appeal or promise is essentially a HEADLINE. It's the articulation of a promise or a benefit.

A candidate is in the JOB of picking out groups or markets and making a PROMISE to them of a BENEFIT.

If you WATCH TV, you'll see them speaking to different groups, making appearances at schools, labor union rallies, army groups, educators and so forth.

All in an effort to GET PUBLICITY for a marketing message delivered to a specific group or audience.

They don't give a speech 'cause they wanna get their message to the local PTA. They do it because they'll get national media coverage and gratus media coverage.

So instead of paying for radio ads or TV spots, they get advertising without forking over any green stuff.

You'll notice they use all the media: TV, radio, billboards, publicity, direct mail, telephones, and more I'm not thinking of right now.

Heck, they even have the equivalent of a commissioned affiliate program -- you help ME get elected, and you'll get pork barrell legislation back in return, or you'll get a cushy cabinet position...or somethin' along those lines.

What can YOU learn from this?

What GROUPS are you aiming specific promises or messages at for your product or service?

Even the President lives and dies by marketing. And if he or she needs to know it, don't you think YOU better know it too?

Best wishes,
Marlon Sanders

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You may not make it to running for President. But I bet you can get a better job, start a more successful business, promote your group or organization with more success -- or help your kids be more successful in life.