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Thursday, 29 November 2007

SCAM WARNING - free article users please note:

update post PMT !: okay i've calmed down for the minute managed to contact a human that replied so he can deal with the boogies and i can get on with finding cool widgets and stuff.

My final word of this - okay I've been ignored by another marketer promoting this product - so I've had no choice but to remove their package from my system aswell - so - warning - the 'Greedy Giveaway' Package and the plr package both contain Steven Pemberton's work without his permission and he is angry that me because I was the fool to use it - if you want to contact him look him up on facebook (that's how he found me) I've tried contacting both Jason and Steven by e-mail but no reply.

Another waste of my time

I've been informed that the PLRsuperPack second Edition by 'a man' contains copywrited articles, as I have be accused of plagiarising an Authors work (Steven Pemberton)

So I am not very pleased with this - and have thus deleted all the articles provided in the pack (atleast I didn't stick all 2000 on!) - I guess that is my first PLR lesson - check the content of an article in copycscape ? or similar before I put my own name on it -Note I wasn't claiming to be the author, but the Editor of the article, but I doubt that makes much difference to the actual writer and I apologuise for this oversight.

If anyone has the maker's e-mail address I can put him in touch with the author and they can 'fight it out' or whatever they do when arguing over who copied what (I belong to so many of this free article giveaway mailing lists - that i can't find anything but auto responder addresses and giveaway sites at the moment)

I'm just looking for a reliable source of free PlR articles (that aren't stolen please!) - I guess I'll have to write all my own rubbish just to be safe for the time being - but I'll include stuff from my favourite top marketers as they are 100% safe to use.

image available on request of box cover.