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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Google Toolbar Flaw ITYS

ITYS - I told you so....

yeah this news doesn't come as much of a surprise as my theory is all these toolbars are already full of glitches - I've gone right off them again since that instant buzz one nearly broke my PC -

okay my pc is years old - but these toolbars are bad for old machines - no problem if you are a "rich Jerk" or other marketing god with everything so top spec on your pc you could fly to mars and back on it - doesn't mean us peasants want the rubbish left over - and that includes sub standard toolbars made on the cheap

- or crappy university training programs that are really just virtual conference centre's to sell more tat to mugs - I'll be quiet now as my personal blog is more suited to the ranting webmaster, I am the nice one :D

Thanks to Networldworld:

Google is working to fix a bug in the Google Toolbar that could allow criminals to steal data or install malicious software on a system, a security researcher warned Tuesday.

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