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Monday, 31 December 2007

Virtual reality, gumtree widgets and Cody Moya

News of interest:

IBM is building a virtual world to help its employees collaborate, and while it's not the first big technology company to do so, Big Blue may be unusual in that it decided not to mess with those silly laws of physics in its own virtual environment.

Gumtree widget wonderland:

***FREE*** Bristol widget - latest classifieds, items for sale.I can create other widgets like this on request. jobs, dating, house lets etc.

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Also have New job vacancies in London UK Widget here:

I love Widgetbox's Blidget, Widget, Facebook app. maker as you can tell <33
Just got to learn how to get my Zoarc code on the 'canvas page' to earn some rev. share!

Cody Moya has got facebook fever too I think - Visit the Traffic Tips group here -

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