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Monday, 31 December 2007

A- Z of some Social Networks I belong to

a-z networks - no idea about this one - involved a software /bar downlad so not for me. - Intelligent, business minded people in there if you can beat your way past the newage sales agents flogging pixie dust ;) - Lots of widgets - widgets are us - snug as a bug in here, videos, groups, photos etc. all for free & good quality. bargain! - a site I belonged to before facebook - good for tracking down ex friends and lovers... - Promising idea but currently lacks full functionality and a time lag with current social networking technology that makes it seem dated before it's out of the packet. - what can I say - Ning, on the ball, your own social network, membership, video's, music - currently free they advertise via adwords - no pop ups or obtrusive advertisiments or props to upgrade. - too advanced for my old PC - flash heavy, nice concept - media share and joint creation of media - a whole genre in it'self if I had the PC power I'd be using this place for art and social expressions. - paid to forum chat - problem is I feel I'm being watched and you have to write something 'interesting' in order to get a credit - I like the freedom of a real forum to just say "yep" if I agree with something or a thread - Probably comes form the Roman in us Brits - and the thumbs up or down on performance - simple answers can be just as meaningful as fullier bodied one's - Mashable is interesting, like a mixture of mybloglog and something like tagged or bebo - maybe with a dash of Ning thrown in - it's a social networking news aggregator - I prefer networldworld for Tech news for the time being & Gorilla Sushi blog for wierd news, mashable is somewhere to put things, but i'm not sure of the community spirit there yet or what it's purpose is. - MySpace = equals it's bit like my pad, you can put your feet on the seats, the dog is allowed on the sofa aslong as neither is too grubby! my personal blog is on myspace, I'm allowed to swear on there if provoked. - ojeeze oh, Jesus! - I can't get over the name, I'm not a Christian but but it is just uncomfortable. Shame as the autoresponders work fine, and it a slightly better version of friendswin, but still has time lag compared to the better free networks - Surprised by tagged, the interface is friendly very much like Bebo and Zorpia (where are my Zorpia and yuwie links zar?) - this place interests me, confuses me even - westernized Muslim/middle eastern social website - many with domestic pets and western Clothes - these types aren't shown on Television at all - so what is our news really doing letting only extremeic Islamic types get airplay - and not showing these normal types with cars and jobs and pet dogs and bling ?