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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Starting with Google Adwords the right way - from Blog Guest Michael Burke

Starting with Google Adwords the right way

Inbound traffic is one of the main concerns for any website just starting out, and although there are a number of free methods of getting traffic must will opt for a pay per click(PPC) campaign such as GOOGLE ADWORDS.

I am no different in this respect.Pay per click is without a doubt the best way to drive targeted, quality vistors to your should be simple, three lines of text, that can't be hard, can it?I can guess that like me, you've seen hundreds of glowing testimonials on success with PPC and hundreds of products showing exactly how easily you can cash in with even a shoe-string budget.

I'm not contesting any of them, this is a about mistakes you can make very easily, and how you can avoid them.If you do not start out in the right way you NOT make money with adwords,
The biggest miatake for an adwords rookie, is get carry by all the testimonials.this mistake is probably the one that will cost you your budget.

Why? because if you get carried away by the exitement at the "almost garunteed" income your campaign will bring in you will most likely forget one thing you need to keep in mind - "I know nothing about ADWORDS or PPC campaigns".So dont rush in, do the research. find out what it takes to work with ADWORDS.

Information on working with PPC is all over the net - simply google it.Phrases like content network or search, keywords and keyword bidding, clickthrough rates (CTR) and conversion rates will all jump out at you if you don't.

Once into your campaign you will set your ad text, rotation and your budget, again this sounds easy and it isDo not get scared or impatient if the ad is not turning clicks into income straight away.Do not convince yourself that doubling your budget on day two is a good idea, afterall volume must mean profit...

...Wrong! fifty keywords just doesn't cut it, regardless of what your spending. At some point (Probably around day five) several, if not all your keywords will jump up in bid price and be turned off.The answer is more keywords not more money.

Fight the urge to invest more money and invest your time in keywords instead.

Use the all the tools provided and any you use already (I now use Google sets, Google trends and Wordtracker among others for keyword research) to build as big a list of keywords as possible.

Second to keyword selection there is one other important factor you must remember if you have are to have any hope of success and this is content.What your ad promises you must deliver.Getting clicks is pointless if your landing page is not what you've said it is.e.g. your ads promote gardening tips but your webpage is a shopfront for "equipment" with a link to an article "tips" page.

Having to make that second click will in most cases cost you your before writing your "three little lines of text" make sure you are delivering on your promise.I know this sounds like common sense but huge numbers of webmasters overlook this imortant factor and lose money as a result.

There are other things to consider with content and you can find them in the adwords TOS.
So avoid wasting your budget, Do the following;Do the research and prepare for your campaign with the know-how (provided by google and other sources online) and without any haste to get started.

Consider if the content landing page is apropriate for your campign and build an extensive keyword list.Use all of the tools provided within adwords such as variations, split testing etc.Once you've put the foundation together, any ad campaign can be a profitible one.

Michael Burke - For information on how to start, maintain and profit onlinefor as little as possible

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