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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Zara lockwood domains active

okay I brought my name domain(s) again, I mean it's not like anyone else wanna be me at this point is it ? - up to my eye balls in unpaid debt and a social phobia deeper than the mankiest root canal, okay and i can't spell either, there - I strangled myself yet again - so can I plug my domains now even if it only for my own benefit.... echo, tumble weed....sure I guess you can out though you are starting to sound like you do on your myspace blog....

Okay thanks for the warning, I will try and keep my crazy rantings locked away over there as usual.

Where was I, oh yeah, domains. I brought them mainly as easy to remeber short cuts to some of my favorite places other than here :) - is this my fan club!
www.zaralockwood.TV - goes to my YouTube channel - goes to my networking fav. (my Ecademy profile) - goes my to BLOG community (my Mybloglog community) - goes to what I'm doing (my Friendfeeder profile) - goes to my top favorites (my Digg user profile)

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