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Friday, 12 September 2008

How To Import your blog to facebook

okay it's 3.30am I should be in bed getting my beauty sleep... but I can see there are a few folks that want to know how to import their blog into facebook - so -

Here's what you do:

1. Look for an RSS button or a button that says XML, right click on images (or link) and "save the link" (or "copy link location") - what you are saving is your RSS or XML web address to your computer clip board, now you need to paste this address into "notepad" and save it. Also save your blog URL - for example on blogger my uRL for westonchatter is --->>> and my Atom/RSS feed URL is:

2. Go to Facebook and add the application Simplaris Blogcast (this used to be called flogblog)

3. Click on settings and add your RSS feed URL and blog URL where indicated and press save.

You have now successfully imported your blog to facebook. comment on this blog if you need this explained further.


Robert Sauchyn - Simplaris said...

Thanks for the Simplaris Blogcast mention! Truly appreciated.

As the proud sponsors of the application, I know that the guys behind it are working hard every day to continually enhance its value.

Lemonvision said...

Hi Robert, thanks for commenting, the app. is a really handy for webmasters and bloggers :-)