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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Facebook | Top Friends have over 17 Million monthly users

Check out this website I found at

You get a free profile (friendly URL) - here's mine as example:

In comments you can ad video's / embed code and a link to a website.

I think it's an untapped area of facebook - that people kind of forgot about using more actively after facebook dropped them for a couple weeks about a year or so ago - many people rejoined but they were in full swing before to be cut off - never quite got the interaction back they had before.

Maybe a niche group of people could make use of top friends as it's rather like a club with max of 32 members but anyone with top friends can visit your profile or photos/leave comments or buy your profile - which has the friends for sale aspect to it. superpokes/buy a drink are probably one of the few mass poking tools left on facebook - where you can send virtual "hello" to everyone on your list of contacts - so it's like twitter - a mass broadcast with chicken pictures instead!

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