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Sunday, 8 March 2009

How Joel Got 29,653,625 Clicks At .01 Each In 30 Days

How Joel Got 29,653,625 Clicks At .01 Each In 30 Days

By Marlon Sanders


In October of 08 my friend Joel got 29,653,625 clicks
at a penny each.

That is a .47% ctr rate on 6,372,399,989 ad impressions
on the Google content network.

Now, in his bonus with his latest product, he shows
SCREEN CAP proof of those numbers. And he spends 40
minutes telling the strategies that allowed him to
do it.

While I won't reveal all his secrets here, I want to
tell you several useful points I took away from his
video and from my private phone conversation with

The REASON I want to talk about this is we see this
everyday in Internet marketing. People with numbers
that make your jaw drop. And you wonder how they do

You often buy their product and find that the product
gives generalities but never really dig down into the
nitty gritty.

So let's talk a minute about how you DO scale up bigtime
and what it takes.

1. First, master the fundamentals and basics

Most people want to skip this. I know this as a fact.
Recently, I extended an offer for you to participate in
small groups to really APPLY Ockham's Razor. This
was extended to my buyers of the product.

Let's see. We had a total of 2 people sign up.

Now, I could tear apart my offer and say the sales letter
wasn't the best, etc.

But bottom line is, learning something NEW is exciting.
APPLYING what you learn isn't.

And if that's YOU and it probably is unless you were one
of the 2 people who signed up for the small groups, then
it means you need to take a long, hard look at yourself.

Are you attracted by the new bright, shiny object on
the block?

Or do you see an realize that it isn't what you KNOW, it's
what you DO.

So you gotta learn and apply the fundamentals, even if it
isnn't sexy. Even if it isn't exciting.

You EARN the right to go to the next level.

I'm a fan of the basics as I am a fan of football in the
U.S. The very first thing kids learn in 5th grade football
if they're a receiver is to catch the ball with their HANDS,
not their body. And to LOOK the ball in with their eyes.

But you watch pro football on TV and you see receivers
getting paid MILLIONS of dollars DROP the ball. Why?

Because they tried to catch it with their body and not their
hands and it bounced off their chest. And they where looking
around at who was going to hit them and didn't look the ball

The basics.

The fundamentals.

You first gotta pay the price to learn and APPLY the fundamentals.
The DOING is 10X as important as the KNOWING.

Ironically, people are willing to spend $100 to learn something
but NOT $60 to APPLY and do it.

"But I can apply it myself."

True. But you won't. It's proven that people succeed at a much
higher rate if they participate in groups. Napoleon Hill called
it the MasterMind and attributed all wealth to it.

2. Watch what works

This sounds so simple.

But I asked Joel what he does when Google changes the rules.
How does he figure out how to counter it.

He said he looks at the ads that are STILL running and figures out
how THEY are doing it.

So study what works.

The other lesson here is that you have to ADAPT to changes. And
at some point, it won't all be in a course or an ebook. You have
to problem solve yourself.

3. Find something that works and then repeat it hundreds of times

This is what Joel does so well.

He did it with the core mini-site method in his course. He found
something that brings in 3 bucks a day.

Then he repeated it SEVEN HUNDRED times.

How many things do you have on your hard drive in ebooks or courses
you've bought that'll bring in 3 bucks a day?

Probably at least a few.

Now, what about doing that formula 700 times?

This is one reason I've been talking about outsourcing. You'll
need help. At first, do what you can yourself. Pay the price.
Learn the ropes.

But at some point, you need to get help, so you can scale up.

Now, notice the formula is to do ONE THING 700 times.

NOT do 700 things ONE time!

That's what most people I talk to are doing. They're trying to
do 700 things one time poorly.

Flip that around.

Get ONE FORMULA and do it 700X.

That's what ORIS is. It's my formula. Now, I didn't do it 700X.
But I've done it a good 30-50 times. And portions of it
hundreds of times.

4. Scale Up

All the big Adwords courses talk about target, target, target.

And it's REALLY true. You DO have to target.

But Joel will tell you it takes THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND
THOUSANDS of ad groups to get millions and millions and millions
of clicks.

That's a lot of scaling up.

He had to have custom software written. You don't have off-the-
shelf software that scales up like that.

And if you do, Google will break it for you when enough people
use it.

So Joel has his own software written. As a newbie, you don't
gotta do that.

But at a CERTAIN point of scaling up, you'll want to spend $500
or $1,000 or whatever and get some stuff custom written.

This is why I say that people who are getting HUGE numbers really
never reveal their secrets. Why? Because you gotta scale up.
And it's not something the average Joe wants to hear about.

You want to hear how Brad with Stomper originally was bringing
in millions. But you may not want to hear how he had a huge
warehouse to stockpile all the items he imported a very large
cash flow cost.

See what I'm saying? I'm just saying you gotta be willing to
hear the truth. And if you want to scale up, it ain't all gonna
be pleasant or a walk in the park.

Let's have an honest discussion here: If you wanna scale up
to millions, at some point it ain't all gonna be a walk in the

Back when he was still here, Corey and I had this discussion.

He told me if he started over he'd do what I do. He'd stay small
and have a nice net and not go for the big numbers. But something
compelled him to grow larger.

In Joel's case, at one point, he employed 25 or more people in India
working full time on his Adwords stuff.

Now he employees 3-6 full time. And spent a month in India training

On the flip side, when you bring in as much as $25,000 a day, you
don't mind the month in India.

So you wanna know how Joel got 29,653,625 clicks?

It's all in his 40 minute bonus video.

But in a way, you'll be disappointed to learn it unless you want
a dose of reality.

Let's see:

He scaled up on a massive scale. He outsourced. He created
proprietary software. He adapted to changes in Google. He has
trade secrets he doesn't reveal to anyone.

How did he learn the trade secrets?

By doing it over and over and over and testing and seeing what

But what you CAN learn a ton from is this:

Joel's basic formula is this:

Get one thing that works.

And do it 700X.

Or 23 million times.

Focus on doing ONE thing 700 times instead of 700 things one

Get a formula.

Find one that works.

Now focus on DOING it over and over.

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