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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Million Dollar Challenge - top business experts from around the world


The Million Dollar Challenge - top business experts from around the world


Zara Lockwood has sourced a million dollar business development campaign from global experts to help your business grow rapidly... If you've been active on social networks lately, you have probably heard the buzz about the Million Dollar Challenge. It is a ground breaking business TV collaboration which offers unique results based opportunity for your business to access powerful marketing campaigns valued at well over US$1 million. This gives you access to the kind of thinking, expertise and campaigns that most businesses would only dream of.

Zara has forged a strategic alliance with yourBusinessChannel, so now her readers can apply to take part in the Million Dollar Challenge. It only takes only a few minutes to apply. You should certainly take a look. The ideas behind these campaigns draw on the latest thinking of top rank business experts from around the world.

For example, in the area of business networking contributing experts include Ecademy founder Penny Power, BNI founder, Ivan Misner and the most connected man in the world Ron Bates. Sales campaigns draw on the thinking of experts like David Meerman Scott (a man personally responsible for over US$1 billion in sales), entrepreneurial successes like Bob Young (whose business broke all first day records on the NYSE when it listed), PR gurus like Peter Shankman, as well as experts in blogging, online sales, content distribution and much more.

Million Dollar Challenge campaigns are leading edge: they will shock your competitors, excite your prospects, and transform your business, all at a price you can afford. The first group of businesses already on the Challenge are reporting excellent results even early on. Best of all, in challenging times, the Million Dollar Challenge is very low risk, because it is largely results based. You only pay full price if you experience great results. (Of course, we’re absolutely confident that you will). And there are some very strong guarantees in place as well.

If selected to take part in the Challenge, your business will be one of a handful to get access to campaign blueprints drawn from the advice of global marketing experts, and then tailored specifically for your business. Blueprints like:

Digital Marketing Blitz: campaign on key social networks like LinkedIn, YouTube, and FaceBook with a purpose built sales team

Attraction Blueprint: connect directly with customers on social networks and search engines like Google.

Sales Monster: generate powerful sales presentations fast whenever your sales team needs them, and receive weekly updates on the latest sales techniques. Perfect

Sales Site: benchmark your website against the Internet’s ‘perfect sites’.

The key focus of the Million Dollar Challenge is rapid sales growth – because research shows that this is the number one business issue. Anyone with a business - from entrepreneur to executive - can apply. And the Million Dollar Challenge is open to business associations, charities and not-for-profits as well.

Even if you’ve not felt the impact of the global slowdown, the pressure is on. Decisions you make now are vital. Clever businesses like yours need to get the best results so that you make the most of every opportunity and grow rapidly. Imagine if you could get access to over US$1m in results-based campaigns which have been proven to work, in many industries all around the world. What numbers could you achieve with the latest thinking, know-how and advice from some of the world’s most successful business experts? Today you can find out.

There is more information on Million Dollar Challenge in this short video presentation. The application process takes a few minutes. Twenty-five places have been made available. Is there any reason you shouldn't consider this for your business?

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