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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Some Affiliate Training lesson 3

Lesson 3

Okay, in the lesson I'm going to take a look at the very beginning. At the time of writing this entry I have not 'promoted' GanoBrand other than introducing it on Twitter via @coffee2u and adding other marketing tools to prepare for promoting it.

I have 1 downline member (cheers Tom!)and the beginnings of a blog (this one). I am starting from scratch and explaining what I do along the way to build up a downline and generate a micro community around this range of products centered around Healthy Coffee.

Ingredients so far:

Step 1. Find a Product you want to sell.

Step 2. Create a Blog, in this case I am using blogger's blogspot, a free service owned by Google. The address (URL) is here: Keep note of this address for the next step.

Step 3. Create a Twitter account try and think of a twitter name that is connected to the product for example I was lucky to get @coffee2u, try different names until you get a name you are happy with, that is not too long. My twitter URL is:

So in this lesson: you are getting three things organized - You have decided on a product, you are creating a blog, which is your main website to bring people BEFORE you send them anywhere else (this is an important point, especially if you are an Affiliate Marketer). You are also creating a twitter account, which is your first marketing tool, as it is a way to connect to a group of people very quickly, these people don't need to be targeted traffic to begin with, simply familiarize/customize your twitter account to match your blog account, and follow some people that look like they will follow back that are in a similar niche to your product, building up a base of random follows can also lead to meeting different kinds of people.

When you tweet don't just add all links to products, chat to people, unlike most I recommend using a brand picture rather than your face if you are focusing more on the product sales than the social aspect, this makes it clear you are selling something not 'pretending' to socialize, you are clearly there for a mixture of purposes and people will come to expect the commercial posts, I'd made about 1 in every 5 posts a commercial post/directly related to the product, but of course if you are in the middle on a conversation you don't stop and add your advert quota! it's just a general guideline, to keep you focused on the reason for the account - the product you are selling.

Look for some other people using brand images to chat to, this may ease you into chatting in a mixture of marketing and social situations rather than pitching your product like a parrot!. This way you can have a mixture of social chat and product plugs aren't plonked in the middle of a social exchange, your followers will then know that you sell items, know you have a business to run/part of your job, and they can still get to chat with the real person in between your generic product posts.

Remember to go into settings on Twitter and add your blog URL, it will show up on your profile - this is a direct link back to your blog and you want to get people to your blog in the next lesson I will explain why. Invite people to click on the link to visit your blog in the bio section.

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