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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Some Affiliate Training lesson 4

So What are we doing ? - we are setting up directions to the blog, that is what we are doing - pointing people this way.

We want to get traffic to the blog first, and get them to engage with us here, preferably by subscribing to feedburner to get our updates delivered to their inboxes.

Using Feedburner is a very basic FREE way to begin your e-mail marketing campaign without the need for an autoresponder, as people that sign up to your feedburner feed by e-mail will get a daily e-mail of your blog posts - delivered with their expressed permission (getting a person to subscribe like this, is the correct way to send business e-mail and avoid complaints or misunderstandings) Feedburner provide the service for free and include privacy policy and optout options (including street address) within every mailing.

If you have signed up to e-mail updates of this blog - you may well be reading this lesson in your inbox - it got to your inbox because you signed up via the subscribe box, handy isn't it ? :-)

Another example of drawing people towards your blog is to make use of a blog community - now while Google own Feedburner, Yahoo own another useful free tool for bloggers called MyBlogLog

As a network marketer or affiliate you might be wondering:

Why send people to my blog and not direct to the opportunity, why even have a blog ?

The reason is, what most successful Internet Marketers know, that whatever opportunity you are working with, you have to get visitors to your site in order to make sales, doesn't matter if you are paying for visitors or getting free leads on networks - which ever way you get people to your site - it is costing you TIME and MONEY - this process of gathering people free or paid is ongoing and time consuming,

So in order to increase the likelyhood of a sale make / a profit you really have to maximize the potential life span of the leads/visitors/traffic, so by bringing them to your blog first you are creating a relationship with them before you hand them over, YOU become the central focus first, the person who is introducing a range of products that YOU are familiar with - YOU are the expert with - the idea is that they remember it was YOU that introduced them, to be remembered you need a way to remind people that YOU exist!

If you send your leads directly to the the great MLM or Affiliate program, in theory they might never be seen again, you can't follow up with them, or if they buy under another affiliate's account, you don't get your commission, the way to save this is: your blog, if you send them to your blog first and capture their attention through useful content/tools and other "sticky content" you have a chance to build up more of a business relationship - next time they meet someone looking for a Healthy Coffee distributor for example they will remember YOU - word of mouth marketing on the Internet - yes this is one method - getting their e-mail address or other way to contact them again after they leave is the key to contacting again, following up your prospects.

We will be looking at more methods, but what you need to remember as a summary for this lesson is - Capture your visitors attention on your own site BEFORE you send them to your main opportunity, Have the options available for them to connect with you - feedburner and mybloglog are free services run by BIG companies that get lots of visitors, which means more chance of meeting potential customers,team mates or both.

In a later lesson I will introduce you to a free autoresponder service and give you an easy explanation of how they work how/why to give away a free report.

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