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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Some Affiliate Training lesson 5

A summary of last five lessons and 5 other ways of seeing the same thing:-)

lesson 1 = your product (ganoderma coffee)
lesson 2 = team work = two ways to earn money
lesson 3 = tools = blog and twitter
lesson 4 = inbox and social (feedburner and mybloglog)
lesson 5 = other way of viewing it.

Below is another way of explaining virtually the same thing (adapted from my GDI course)

To see the image full size -click on it.

The image above contains the following information, that can act as a summary of where we are now - i.e at the beginning of our venture, with a new product, loads of ideas bustling through are minds on how we can market it - and what we will buy with all that money we plan on making :-)

But firstly slow down! - hype is grand but a level headed, focused approach is going to do us a lot more good.

Checking and re-checking what we have already, and what we need to happen to make things happen- keeps us alert and focused.

What we are doing:

Most marketers are doing the 'two pronged fork attack' - which is selling the product and getting referrals, and surprise surprise, that is what we are doing.

So you need to be clear in your mind about this TWO income stream method that is created by two tier Affiliate Programs like GANOBRAND COFFEE




You need to remember these two every day like an affirmation - direct sales 20% second tier 10%

However with some 2 tier Affiliate programs, the beauty of them is you don't have to recruit to top up your commission - as with GANOBRAND COFFEE already selling the product at deeply discounted prices you could quite easily just focus on just direct selling the actual coffee product, with the idea that the more you sell directly, the more commission at 20% you make - you can make your money doing that if you have a regular stream of new customers or you buy it yourself then resell locally.

BUT I personally will be covering Gano Coffee Sales AND Recruitment as I'd like to build up a team of focused people that earn me commission, this is partly because I live outside the USA and so far the shipping costs are too high for a profit that covers my expenses - I do have a solution to this problem of Non USA affiliates - but it is only for the ears/eyes of my direct team mates that have started to get recruits and make sales themselves.

So what do we have ?- or rather what do I recommend to have to start a project (this project being to create an income selling GANODERMA PRODUCTS.)


1. A website and domain name
- In the case of GANOBRAND we have their website, a ready stocked e-commerce store ready to take orders, deliver products and handle every part of the sales transaction - so affiliates get a good deal - the website and stock is all there, the delivery, returns, customer service is all done by GANOBRAND and it's free, Web Hosting and back office are free to use, so if you are starting on Zero funds GANOBRAND is a great starting point. At a later stage I will cover reasons why you might want your own web domain, but for now, will shall focus on the basics.


2. A Blog - A blog is a Dynamic way to add content and updates and notes, stories, pictures, thought and get customers or potential customers involved in conversation about the products or services you offer. Personally I see the "Static" website as your Shop shelves filled with goods that visitors can browse around and look at.

Your blog is like the 'end of aisle' offers - you know, when you go into a supermarket and there is a new product discounted or a new display, new product, a new feature, your blog can let customers and potential customers have more information before they buy, the latest information and articles you have gathered, generally extra items. By joining, blogger or wordpress, you are also connecting yourself to a network of people bloggers, writers, other people that gather information, people can view your blogs and follow your blog to keep updated.


3. A Micro Blog -
a micro blog is just a line of information and sometimes a link to a product or service, it can also be used as chatting tool like an Instant messenger or a Customer service tool.

Twitter is a good example of micro blogging, twitter is attracting the crowds and alot of people are getting hooked, you have a choice you can either decide it is pointless or you can see it as a tool for chatting with a crowd.

I recommend tweeting with a mixture of links and chatter see it as a public instant messenger service - Initially follow people that are interested in your Niche. Your Niche is Coffee, Ganoderma, Reishi - then network/chat (add some randoms if you want) find out what other niche sellers are doing to get sales, what works for them, visit their sites, add links to your twitter stream that link to articles on your site.

In the Twitter profile box add a link to your blog - your blog should contain all the information they need, including links to the product, twitter can be used to direct people to your blog, people won't come straight away, the point is getting the channel set up, and having various goodies waiting on the other side when your visitors arrive - think of a Stargate's worm hole maker or Star trek's beam me up Scotty! - You are transporting your visitor from one website to another one - with their permission.

So - A crowd of potential customers are gathered on planet Twitter - you want to get them to Planet Gano blog - they have to travel through the Internet (space) and your Worm hole to get there - what is there to welcome them on arrival - the captain or a bunch of ugly aliens ?

- You should really be aiming to be captain (get them welcomed and signed up to your newsletter or blog feed, offer a freebie like a report or use feedburner, google connect, mybloglog etc.) keep navigation of your blog simple - so people can find these connection areas. (You will notice if reading this as I upload that I don't follow all my advice straight away, for example I will eventually add more interaction, free reports etc as the lessons progress)

4. - Membership sites and social networks

Free, simple ways of meeting people on social networks include creating a groups on a platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Ning - basically any social network that has people come and visit it, remember the only way you can generate an income after the first sale is either if the customer joins your downline (team) or you order and ship the product direct to them (which involves you buying the product first)

You also have to remember to read the rules, some networks won't let you post direct commerical posts or groups but if you have a generic group about coffee or mushrooms with just the one link to your blog and your twitter, people can contact you for more information, job done. Most groups allow for a widget to be placed in groups

(someone remind Zara to do a lesson on widgets if you want to know how to create one - link will go here once done!) widgets can be filled with your latsest blog posts and tweets, which means every group you set up has an automated window containing the lastest news and where people can contact you.

5. Newsletter and autoresponders

Feedburner is a useful form of free autoresponder sending your blog content to your visitors. A person pops their e-mail into the feedburner sign up form - then everytime you post a blog your potential customer / reader will get an e-mail with the contents of the blog, your blog is thus your newsletter.

Use Feedburner wisely and your list of readers will grow, some people prefer getting blog entries direct to their inbox.

Another form of Autoresponder use is using a service like AWEBER - and you set up a series of pre written e-mails - so when a person signs up they get those e-mails send 'by robot' everyother day or once a week, once a month, the content could be a course (like these lessons) or it could be a collection of prewritten e-mails on a subject (like Ganoderma coffee) with your affiliate link. With AWEBER you can also "broadcast" a newsletter manually, if you want more recent infomration or you are answering questions people send in.

A well known form of signing up people to your newsletter is to offer a free report, you create a form from your auto responder service (I will introduce you to a Free one) you make it clear that when they enter their e-mail address for the free report they will also be joining your newsletter.

You set up the autoresponder to send the person an e-mail containg the download link for the freebie once they have confirmed/verified their e-mail address - that often means a subnote telling a person to check their junk e-mail folder if it doesn't show up in their inbox.


Ask by commenting on this blog

PS - the 'eye candy asteriod belt' is just term I made up for all the distractions and obstacles that can potentially prevent a sale from occuring, you could imagine your customer as travelling through the worm hole you have carefully prepared, but you can't prepare for every twist and turn a customer makes on route, you just have to make sure the worm hole walls are strong enough that a person remembers you are waiting at the other end! - Having a little arrow pointing towards the YOU on the big asteroids can't hurt in my opinion !

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