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Thursday, 5 June 2008 the live broadcast on ustream

I caught the tail end of a live broadcast by mashable last night after following a tweet about it on mashable's twitter the broadcaster was talking to another guy using the co-host feature, both were wearing headsets, which i found a bit strange - maybe because I've been used to watching vids by Jim Edwards - the broadcaster informed the co-host that 36 people were watching, although there weren't so many logged into the chatroom

- my profile name is my real name - but i noticed that like forums some chose false or shorter names. I asked for a link to the product that was being disgussed in the chatroom as no active url was there or given - something for them to take note of - a visitor can click on an active url in and listen to you at the same time!

So things to learn from watching someone else new to the ustream/co-host feature - firstly they did right in reminding the co-host that they were infact live and people were listening watching - but the main host could have been a bit more subtle when logging off/ the host was referring to visitors rather than engaging with vistors -

- Remember the vistors came because they were invited via twitter - that's the power of twitter - it is an announcement tool - when the co-host responded to my communication the broadcaster was quick to say - oh we need to talk about the visitors off line in private - we'll do that now - then the station went off air.

- Gone, no thanks for visiting or recognition that "the visitors" were part of the broadcast - I found that a bit rude - maybe it's because I always treat the viewer as a person, i.e they are there - all I'm saying is it was odd that the co-host acknowledged the interactive vistor situation while the host chose to ignore the 36 people, "we need to speak about the on-line people here in private" - okay, don't mind me, I'm just a voyer listening in on your conversations.... oh wait a minute I though we were invited.....?

Yeah, well I guess they are new to it too - the only funny thing was I said "damn, they heard I'm crazy already..." this is after we had been dumped for their private chat about us....and the word damn was replaced by the word "censored" which made it look like I might have said something really bad - the ustream profanity filter must have a religious slant to make it block out the word damn as offensive - go look on Bebo - there are enough swear words/ sexual references there in comments to make a porn star blush!

I added them to my ustream friends list as i have an account with them and visit the site occasionally and the guest speaker had a useful service to offer at I'm still waiting for my account details - it's a service that tracks hits and stats to your videos - but i'm not going to 'big it up much' incase they have ignored me - It's also worth mashable remembering that most people are paranoid to some extent - whether it's founded or not.

- The broadcast left me paranoid that my account application at tubemogul has been ignored coz of some 'secret thing' they were saying that I don't know about - people 'a bit like me' are everywhere - a' thanks everyone' for dropping in, might have prevented that. (I am overly paranoid mind, about most things - I'm social phobic, so i doubt all 36 other people felt the way I did about it - unless it was a social phobics outing of course :P)

I might try tuning in again, or I might just focus on my own stuff, I don't like feeling dissed much.

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