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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Re: The Stop Sub4Sub Campaign

This is mystery eye aka President of Utubia explaining in his own way, why there is nothing wrong with sub4sub - to a girl that seems to have started a mini flamming war on youtube by accident - or maybe marketing advice ?! (depending on your view point) about the sub4sub scene - I've obviously decided to side with the sub4suber's as sub4sub - is the the basic exchange of favor for favor, contact for contact - the thing that makes social networking tick - in my opinion - as the girl (Carrie Lee ?)pointed out youtube have decided to feature this video on the front page - even though she would prefer that they didn't, which is even stranger - I mean why wouldn't you want you video there ?

The sub4sub debate is no different to the chav or emo (who is best) kind of arguement.

I have noticed that it's rather like the add me! friends groups, I've been joining also on facebook recently, one of the benefits of being useless at just about everything (it's 'useless' people like me remember that have been using any money I ever get for putting back into the Internet as I believe in the power of it to make me productive to society eventually in some way), is that you getting to try out all these half personal / half business ideas that come out - sub4sub is one of those that can be used by many groups of people, small business or hobby.

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