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Thursday, 12 June 2008

zaralockwood.TV now a reporter channel

I've had a mini revamp of my youtube channel - and decided the 'main' focus there will be video blogging about this blog :) (my mini news) ustream, gumtree and anything I can get aggregation to it all the better - as it says on the packet - it is my original channel! - and a bit of a mixture.

TV and video stuff - I've noticed Lisa Nova and Whatthebuck are over on - so I've reactivated my account and my main idea is still roughly the same - start as i have - this basic lifecasting malarky to get used to talking live - on several different video portals - in any old way I feel like.

- then do different themed shows on each one - so sub4sub is obviously about sharing profiles and making cyber friends - and is untargeted (in ad speak) anyone and everyone can swap profiles & I'll probably focus on talking about different social networks, community portals features etc. that I like - that subs4subs works on. - it's sole aim is a mingler, ice breaker, swap/share type thing - with no selling apart from the sole promotion of the networks you use.

Now people that sell for a living may wonder what the heck the point in that? - where's the catch - the hook to drag those people screaming to my site ? - well the whole point is - it's real networking - it' mutual - you don't need to drag people to your profiles you offer your profile - people built up trust - if they like your profiles they add you - no matter if your a CEO or a janitor - if you have links on those profiles that are connected to business as well as your hobbies - that's fine too - you just don't need to tell/sell people here.

Why will people choose to come to my profile if they don't know what's on it ?

freedom of choice and acts of random, flash mob - within a group create a community feeling - stick a bunch of people in an elevator for a few hours - they will either come out as friends or enemies either way they have bond and connection, they probably won't forget each other - just like I remember the first forums I joined - the first cyber friends I made on facebook- fate has rolled the dice and brought them there together at that time - it doesn't matter if it is planned or not - if you are in, you are in, it doesn't cost you to get in - but once you are in you are part of it... even if you leave, you don't get forgotten in some way (like the hotel California :D).

Who said 80% of success is showing up ? - or something like that ? - same kinda idea - the niche is sub4sub - you might make just some more friends, you might make some business connections, you might see it as a complete waste of time and leave - the world doesn't end when you depart - it carries on rollin' !

If you think you are in some way 'better' than everybody else & don't want more friends and connections - that's fine - keep to your methods if they work for you (they haven't done it for me, so I'm trying something else to prevent stagnation and to keep moving - do or die ) - sub4sub is about sharing equally rather than trying to take advantage - win4win.

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