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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Margaux Lange, johnny Smooth, Opal Banana and Onision

Internet People Watching

I found this jewlery maker - Margaux Lange on boing boing - it kind of ties in with one of the Internet characters I have over on my year book - "Opal Banana" She's a parody of Onisions' Time Travelling Tranny and other character I created as Healthy Lemon's Cousin - anyway she kind of has a life of her own - aand is a barbie fan - probably barbie as in "crushed by a truck Barbie" but I think she'd like this barbie jewlery - which is what made me like it, I can imagine people in the 18-35 age group wearing this - bearing in mind I'll be 36 soon (ish) so I might need to up the age range another 10 years!

This Margaux Lange sells these creations on Etsy as well, Johhny Smooth (John Kline) is on there too and he's my favorite Internet based person that does art in the "real" world. Johnny is better known (to me) net wise via his youtube channel

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