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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Some random bits about this blog

okay nearly the end of the year, digg changed their post to blog gadget putting it on a pop up window that isn't working too well with my browser (flock) but I've kind of got used to flock and firefox so I will be doing less digging and more bookmarking and tweeting instead - so I will probably add a latest updates to the front page in a widget.

Talking of widgets - i still like them, they are akin to little portable boxes of me I can plonk anywhere and everywhere like little tardis's.

I'm still using hellotxt, seems to be the other alerter service - with twitter being like my instant messenger if i feel like replying.

so microblogging, yuwie and ebooks are keeping me captivated - I'm still checking up on traffic for these blogs and i might specialize further within a niche for each as i've had a general look about at a wider area - time to drill down maybe in the new year.

Membership websites - Zookoda is still interesting but still requires more than just cut and paste - it could be that i need to get more organized, i've been sorting software and content into folders - but maybe the structure of a club will help me get more done - so testing out a number of options (free ones!)same with auto responder services i'd kind of prefer my own - have a number of those to try - got a couple free ones again 2 hosted by me, 2 remotely hosted. only other thing i'm doing is looking at ebook cover makers - i'm going to try out the 3d one.

I remember a 3D package by adobe that was free and easy to use - then they scraped it - shame really it was one of the easiest i'd tried - lost on an old hard drive somewhere now...

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